All Saints Open Mic

This Sunday we will be celebrating All Saints/All Souls Day with our first coffee house/open mic service! All Saints is a celebration of those who have helped show us the way in our spiritual journeys, while All Souls is a time to remember loved ones who have passed on. So as part of our new open mic/coffeehouse style worship on 1st Sundays, bring a story, song, or poem to share with the group that honors the saints in our lives! To help dress our altar, you can also bring a picture or memento of a loved one as we remember those who have gone before us.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a coffeehouse without coffee! We’ll also share chai tea, hot cocoa, cupcakes and other baked goods in front of a cozy fire. Coffee is served at 5pm and our service will begin at 5:30. To participate in the open mic worship, email Chaka at



Prayer Vigil for Troy Davis

This Monday, Sept. 19th, there will be an interfaith vigil supporting Troy Davis, a Georgia man scheduled to be executed in four days for a crime it’s highly doubtful he committed.  The vigil will be held from 7:30am-2pm in front of the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles Office–’Sloppy’ Floyd Building, 2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, SE, Atlanta, GA (map).

Praxis UCC gathered last night with thousands of other Georgians for an Atlanta rally in support of stopping the execution of Mr. Davis. A prayer service at Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr. King served, was held afterwards.

As Christians, we worship a man who was unjustly executed by the state.  We are also called to walk humbly with a God who embodies justice and love.  Whether you are against the death penalty in general, or for justice to be done in this particular case, we ask you to join us in showing support for Troy and in praying for the family of Officer Mark MacPhail, the victim in the case, as we work for just alternatives to an unwarranted execution and a broken judicial system.  For more info on the case and why there is too much doubt to execute, go here.  To add your name to a 600,000+ signature petition to stop the execution, go here.


Tomorrow preaching on equality at Cannon Chapel

I’m excited to be preaching at Cannon Chapel Tomorrow, February 4, as part of The American Prayer Hour from 12:00-12:30. We’ll gather to worship, pray, and address the issues of violence toward people who are GLBT around the world. Come and pray for transformation – that we would overcome the criminalization of people who are gay and lesbian, that we would show that most people of faith are not extremists, that we would overcome fear with love.

For more information go to



Around Atlanta there are many organizations and groups that have gathered together to respond to the massive earthquake in Haiti. In the face of such pain, it’s encouraging to see people bonding together to provide support with such little response time.

I have faith that Praxis will be the type of faith community that sees suffering in the world and responds to it. As we gather and reflect on the many ways that we can be a positive force in Atlanta and around the world, I pray that we will come up with creative solutions to walk with those who are affected in times of tragedy, loss, and heartbreak.

The personal relationships I have formed with the leadership in the national setting of the United Church of Christ have shown me just how passionate the larger body of the UCC is about responding to the international community in times of need. Through the One Great Hour of Sharing program, the UCC has been taking an active role in disaster relief throughout the world for quite some time.

For those who would like to contribute financially towards the efforts in Haiti, there are lots of options. If you’re looking for one of integrity that is connected to your faith, you can get more information about UCC disaster relief and what they are doing in Haiti by clicking on the link below. The second link will take you directly to donate to Haiti through the One Great Hour of Sharing fund.

Join us in praying for, and providing resources to, the people of Haiti.

UCC Disaster Relief information

Online Donation through One Great Hour of Sharing to go to Haiti